Far Cry 6 Review: A Far Cry From A New Experience

Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 is out this week and it’s made me miss both tropical paradises and the Far Cry series.

Far Cry 6 takes place in Yara, a fictional region that is heavily inspired by Cuba. It’s a tropical paradise frozen in time, where the people that oppose the dictator, Anton Castillo (played brilliantly by Afro-Italian actor GIancarlo Esposito) get murdered or sent to slavery. Stay in line, or pay the price.

You play as Dani Rojas (A character that can be either male or female) as you try to bring the power back to the people with your superhero-like ability to catch fire and take bullets to the head and walk away unscratched. Your plan is simple enough. to help the guerilla group Libertad in exchange for a boat to America. You quickly decide you’d be better off taking down Castillo and then boating off into the sunset. Ah yes, America the home of freedom.

From there it plays like every other Far Cry game that came before it. A massive open world that has you going from point A to B to A to C to B to A to B over and over again. It’s fun for the first while but gets repetitive incredibly quickly and made me realize how much Far Cry hasn’t grown as a series in all these years.

What I Loved:

The characters – From the villains to the friends you make in Yara, there’s a whole lot of personality injected into this game.

The soundtrack – The soundtrack had me singing and humming along, and despite driving being rather annoying (as it was so easy to find yourself in a hole or crashing into a tree) the soundtrack was fantastic. At one point my character sang Camila Callebo’s “Havana” and it put a smile on my face. I’d say beside the visuals the soundtrack is the best thing about this game.


The visuals – This is easily one of the best looking games of the year. Yara looks incredible on the surface.


It’s fun for a good solid 5 hours (and will take you about 20+ hours to finish).

Weapon customization. There’s plenty of ways to switch up your guns with different sights, suppressors and ammo types but if you fire enough rounds and throw enough explosives it doesn’t matter what guns you’re using. They all pack a punch.

The weapons are fun and explosive. Shotgunning feels like a blast.

Riding horses is a good time.

For a Ubisoft game at launch there was very few technical glitches.


The amount of missions that had me going back and forth.

Animal companions were not very helpful and usually just ended up dead on the ground.

Tries to be political but fumbles the bag though fairs a bit better than Far Cry 5. Overall the story leaves a lot to be desired.

The missions. Once you’ve played a few, you’ve played them all.

No manual save feature.

The exploration. The world feels big (as do most Ubisoft games) but it’s incredibly hollow. There’s fives different sections to the map but they all feel nearly the same.

Angered Me:

Killing dogs – It’s unnecessary to shoot dogs in games and they deserve better. I wish this was a feature I could turn off.

The cock fighting, tried it once, felt dirty and didn’t go back.

Enemy variety – There’s very few enemy types and faces

No skill tree – Skills are now tied to gear.

Hunting – Hunting has really been placed on the backburner here which is for the best, but is still a slog to do. Especially the fishing.

Why did Dani Rojas at no point in this game yell, “Football is life!”?


By no means is Far Cry 6 a new experience in the Far Cry universe but it’s got some of the best cast of characters I’ve ever seen in a video game and some damn fine visuals.

I actually really liked how the game came out swinging but it quickly went downhill fast. Once you leave the initial small island the game starts you at, you’ve nearly seen it all. It plays more like a first person Just Cause than it does Far Cry. Overall, this is the same Far Cry experience we’ve seen since Far Cry 3, but yeah sure, it looks the prettiest. I just wish there was pretty much anything new to do.

A copy of Far Cry 6 was provided by the developer for review purposes and reviewed on the Xbox Series X.

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