Button City Review: I Feel Like A Monster For Tearing Down This Cute World

Button City is now available from developers Subliminal and Wings Interactive for the PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One X/S and Nintendo Switch and it sure is cute, but unfortunately lacks fun gameplay.

Button City has you playing as the new kid in town, Fennel the Fox. After spending most of the summer in your room, not making friends, your mom is fed up and sends you out into the world. You’ll quickly find local arcade (where apparently all the cool kids hang out?), named the titular Button City. Because of your sick gaming skills you are immediately recruited into one of the local Gobapod crews.

It’s a  cute game but nothing about it is memorable nor screams must play. It seems to struggle in knowing who its target audience is. Perhaps if it debuted on Xbox Game Pass it would be worth an afternoon play-through but it’s hard to find much reason to check this particular indie out at this time. I’d suggest waiting for a sale.

What I Loved:

Cute characters (getting heavy Animal Crossing vibez)

Feel good game – which are rare these days.

Colourful animation and world. The colours pop on my OLED screen.

The diorama approach to world building is fun and unique.


Story overall is good but doesn’t land as well as it wants.

Collectible costumes are ok and add a bit more depth to the game.

Music is fun and poppy.

Some of the dialogue is very funny.

If you’re looking to just chill and vibe this might hit the spot.


It’s very slow. Not being able to skip through dialogue is a bummer.

Wants to be deeper than it is. This is no Night in the Woods (an infinitely better game and experience) .

Lacks substance.

Not a kids game and not a game for adults. I think it missed the boat not being a kids game.

Angered Me:

Had all the elements of a game I’d like but ultimately fails at being really good at one thing.

The games within a game, which is a big crutch of Button City, just does not work. Games like rEvolution Racer, Prisma Beats and GobaBots are just not fun to play. GobaBots is a Moba which in itself is not a genre I  like but it’s the most bare bones MOBA i’ve ever played. Prisma Beats, the rhythm game is a poor mans DDR. It wants to be so many things yet never succeeds.

Fetch Quests galore. None of them are fun. None of them made me watch to fetch the quest item. They can get fetched.


Unfortunately. Button City is a big swing and a miss. It’s a game that relies to heavily on the boring games within it, and once you get past the simplicity of those you are left with simple fetch quests that no one has time for. Especially with all the other games on the market this August Button City fails to stand out. I feel like the bad guy for telling you how I feel but there’s nothing to love in Button City. You’re better off saving your quarters for something better.

A copy of Button City was provided by the developer for review purposes and reviewed on the Xbox Series X.

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