Death’s Door Review: Holy Crow this is a good game.

Knock, knock, knocking on Death’s Door.

Every morning in my office I look directly at one photo that reads, 

““Ma flesche (asseure toy) n’espargnera personne

Vous danserez trestout ce balet, que je sonnne

My arrow (I promise you) spares no one

You will all dance the ballet of which I sing”

It is a recreation of an anonymous German engraving from 1635 that featured a standing, smiling skeleton aiming a crossbow.  A broken arrow sits beside it and there is another one in the quiver. It was a piece of art designed to hang at eye level so that the arrow–the one locked and loaded into the crossbow–was pointing directly at the viewer. 

Like life, and death. We are born…to die. It can come and take us at any time, for the most ridiculous of reasons.

Death’s arrow spares no one. All we can do is smile back and live while we can.   Every time I look at it I will remember to smile and live life with urgency.

I want to get this photo remade with the crow from Death’s Door. Death’s Door is the new game from Acid Nerve and publisher Devolver Digital. You play as a young crow who has become a reaper of death in a strange organization run by other crows. It’s a real murder of crows. Crows that murder. I get it. You get it. We’re all on the same page. Your task is simple enough to retrieve a large soul, which you do quickly enough but it’s stolen by a nefarious figure and it’s up to you to get it back. The story expands from here and has you dungeon crawling and hack ‘n’ slashing your way through foes of all kinds to retrieve this massive soul and save the day.

This is at this time of writing, my game of the year. GOTY baby!! It’s an impeccable game that is fun as it is smart. I encourage you to play it at your earliest convenience. It’s gotten rave reviews for a reason. I’ve seen people compare it to Bloodborne which is ridiculous. It’s tricky but this ain’t hard and we all know I’m rubbish at hard video games. It’s a bit harder than your average Zelda game and whispers *more innovative and fun*. You will have to backtrack but the levels are so full of life and hidden secrets you won’t find yourself minding the back and forth.

Here’s a look at the highlights and lowlights of Death’s Door.


What I Loved:

Pretty much everything. This feels like a cop out but it’s true.

The enemy design and variety. This game is full of baddies to slice and dice and send to the grave. 

The black and white graphics of the headquarters contrasts really nicely with the colourful world you explore. It’s very unique.

Sound design is top notch, the boss music is epic.

Tons of replayability. I want to 100% this game despite my huge backlog.

Character design was wicked. I could watch a Saturday Morning Cartoon about these characters.

So many secrets!! Shhh don’t tell.

A two person team made this incredible game. I AM SHOCKED. No word on how many crows were involved.


The collectibles, albeit useless, were funny enough to collect.

Weapon choices we’re ok, but frankly I forgot they were even there.


Would have loved more item options other than the four presented. This is literally just nit picking at this point. 

I wish the story was more fleshed out, but it’s still a pretty good start to what I hope is a long series.

Angered Me: 

No difficulty mode. The game isn’t overly hard but would have helped newer players.

More accessibility options.


Now seriously, go and play this game. It is now available on PC and Xbox One.

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