Christmas Gift Guide: Must-Have Gifts for Gamers

The holidays are almost here, which means it’s time to start thinking about Christmas gifts for the gamer in your life, be it new tech or gift cards to buy this year’s top games. Or maybe you’re hoping to find some sweet new gear for yourself this season! Either way, gaming accessories make fantastic gifts for any age — whether you grab a flashy new headset, a blazing-fast SSD, or a fancy fight stick to take down friends in Street Fighter. 

We’ve rounded up the hottest Christmas gifts for gamers guaranteed to make any player’s wishlist. From pro-level controllers to immersive audio, exciting PC components, to old-school vinyl, we’ve got any gamer on your Christmas list covered with gift ideas to power up their play.

So get ready to deck out your battle station or surprise that special someone with the ultimate gaming Christmas gift. The holiday season is the perfect time to upgrade your rig and accessories for intense marathons of the hottest titles. Let’s dive into the definitive list of best gaming gear gifts for gamers on your list this holiday season!

Razer Kraken Kitty Headphones

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Starting things off with some fun gear from Razer, they have the perfect Christmas gift for gamers or anime fans in your life. The Razer Kraken Kitty headphones, available in both wireless BT and wired Pro versions, bring a fantastic style to your audio experience. This playful headset stands out with its colourful design and light-up cat ears that you can customize with over 16 million colour options. Beyond the cute cosmetic factor, they deliver rich and immersive sound for gaming or listening to music on the go. 

The Kraken Kitty BT connects easily via Bluetooth to your phone or Switch for gaming away from your home gaming rig. Battery life is solid at around 50 hours. Meanwhile, the Pro model is made for serious gaming on your desktop, with surround sound and a high-quality mic for chatting with teammates. Both are lightweight and comfortable to wear for hours, thanks to plush memory foam ear cushions.

So whether you grab the versatile wireless Kraken Kitty BT or the feature-packed wired Pro, you’ll be giving the gift of stylish, customizable headphones built for gaming marathons and all-day entertainment. Just be prepared for some playful cat-titude (forgive the pun)! These fun headphones will have anyone on your list looking feline fine while enjoying vivid RGB lighting options.

Razer Kraken BT Kitty Edition: Bluetooth 5.0-40ms Low Latency Connection – Custom 60mm Drivers – Beamforming Microphone – Powered by Razer Chroma – Rose Quartz (Renewed)

  • The #1 Best-Selling Gaming Peripherals Manufacturer in the US: Source – The NPD Group, Inc., U.S. Retail Tracking Service, Gaming Designed: Keyboards, Mice, PC Headsets, and PC Microphones, Based on dollar sales, Jan. 2017- June 2020 combined.
  • Bluetooth 5.0: When not in Gaming Mode, its wireless connection remains just as stable and uses less power—meaning the headset can last up to 20 hours with lighting on, or up to 50 hours with the lighting off.

Hades Original Soundtrack

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The Hades Original Soundtrack on vinyl is a must-have gift for any gaming or music enthusiast this holiday season. Composed by Darren Korb, the soundtrack perfectly complements the roguelike gameplay with its mix of energetic rock anthems and emotional ballads. Fans of the game will fondly recall the standout vocal collaborations between Korb and Ashley Barrett as Orpheus and Eurydice, which are captured beautifully on this vinyl release. 

Audiophiles will also appreciate the warmth and depth the vinyl format adds to the intricate instrumentation. Those looking to treat their loved ones this holiday should consider the standard black vinyl or opt for the special “Blood Price” red splatter variant for the ultimate collectible. Either version will delight, as both offer a fantastic listening experience and display piece. For gamers, music lovers and collectors alike, the Hades soundtrack is an easy recommendation that is sure to impress this holiday season.

MSI Vector GP68HX 12VH-012CA Laptop

Christmas Gift Guide: Must-Have Gaming GearChristmas Gift Guide: Must-Have Gaming Gear

The Vector GP68HX is a truly impressive gaming laptop that packs desktop-level performance into a portable yet stylish package. Powered by Intel’s 13th generation Core i9-13900HX CPU and up to an NVIDIA RTX 4080 graphics card with 12GB of VRAM, it delivers smooth frame rates even at QHD resolutions, making it perfect for that gamer in your life this holiday season.

MSI has equipped the Vector GP68HX with a range of tech that keeps the laptop ahead of the curse, such as the Cooler Boost 5 system, to ensure peak performance. The 16-inch 2560×1600 IPS display with 240Hz refresh rate is great for fast-paced competitive gaming. You also get per-key RGB, Wi-Fi 6E connectivity and fast PCIe Gen 4 storage. As if that wasn’t enough, the laptop also features MSI Overboost technology, which delivers up to 140 watts of power to the GPU and an additional 45 watts to the CPU to push the laptop even further for those times when you want the best performance possible.

You can pick up the MSI Vector GP68HX for $2999.99 CAD ahead of the holiday season. During Black Friday, also get an additional $30 Steam Code. You can buy the Vector GP68HX from Memory Express,, and Canada Computers.

MSI Vector GP68HX Laptop: Intel Core i9-13950HX, GeForce RTX 4080, 16″ FHD+, 144Hz, 16GB DDR5, 1TB NVMe SSD, USB 3.2 Gen2 Type C w/DP, Thunderbolt 4, Win11 Home: 13VH-098US

  • Supercharged Process: The 13th Gen. Intel Core i9 processor delivers the ultimate immersive experience in gameplay, multi-task work and productivity.
  • Beyond Fast: The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 GPU powered by the Ada architecture unleashes the full glory of ray tracing, which simulates how light behaves in the real world.

*This section was sponsored by MSI Canada.


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The WD Black SN850 is one of the fastest consumer SSDs CGMagazine has tested, with read speeds over 7,000MB/s and write speeds above 5,000MB/s. It uses the latest PCIe 4.0 interface to achieve its blazing speeds, so you’ll need a compatible motherboard to tap its full potential. We were blown away when we installed the 1TB model in one of our PC test benches. Games load incredibly fast, and transferring large files is lightning-quick. The included heatsink keeps temps in check during intense workloads and is a must for people looking to drop this into their PlayStation 5. 

With an endurance rating of 600TBW, it should easily last for years of heavy use. The SN850 meets Sony’s requirements for expanding PS5 storage, though the version with heatsink costs more. Given its best-in-class performance, I think the SN850 is well worth its premium price for gamers and content creators needing the fastest storage. 

WD Black C50 Expansion Card

Christmas Gift Guide: Must-Have Gaming GearChristmas Gift Guide: Must-Have Gaming Gear

The WD Black C50 is a must-have storage upgrade for Xbox Series X/S owners needing more space. I’ve been using the 1TB model, and it delivers speeds on par with the console’s internal SSD, so games load incredibly quickly, whether on the C50 or internal drive. It’s cheaper than Seagate’s expansion card yet offers similar real-world performance. 

If that were not enough, thanks to the metal casing, the industrial design looks slick and feels very sturdy. My only complaint is the max capacity is 1TB, and I wish WD offered a 2TB option like Seagate does. But for Xbox gamers wanting to expand their storage without sacrificing speed, the WD Black C50 is a superb choice. It may lack the highest capacities but delivers uncompromising performance in a compact, rugged package for less money than the competition. It’s definitely recommended if you need more space on your Xbox Series X|S.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 MAX headset

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 Max Headset Review 2Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 Max Headset Review 2

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 MAX headset is a solid pick for Xbox gamers looking to get the most bang for their buck this holiday season. Our reviewer tested 600 Gen 2 MAX and found it to be a well-rounded wireless headset, earning it our Editor’s Choice award. The sound quality is great for the price — you get that signature Turtle Beach surround sound that helps you pinpoint enemies and action during intense gameplay. 

It works with Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, PS4/PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC, so you can use it with basically any system. Plus, it has an insane battery life, lasting around 40 hours per charge. That’s one of the longest-lasting wireless headsets out there. The ear cups also fit nicely over your ears without squeezing too tight. You can game for hours without fatigue. For under $130, the 600 Gen 2 MAX has fantastic features and performance. It’s an easy recommendation for Xbox gamers looking for a versatile, long-lasting wireless headset that delivers value and performance.

SteelSeries QcK Prism Cloth Gaming Mousepad

Christmas Gift Guide: Must-Have Gaming GearChristmas Gift Guide: Must-Have Gaming Gear

The SteelSeries QcK Prism Cloth mousepad brings a dash of RGB flair to your gaming setup. Offering smooth, consistent mouse tracking essential for any serious gamer, it also immerses you in dynamic lighting effects that react to games, music, and more. With two distinct lighting zones and a range of animation effects, the Prism transforms an ordinary mousepad into a mini light show. The micro-woven cloth surface delivers precision, speed, and control for both optical and laser sensors, while the thick rubber base prevents sliding. 

At over $50, it’s a splurge, but the Prism’s versatility across genres, vivid lighting options that sync with other SteelSeries gear, and ability to personalize your battle station make this a standout accessory gift. Competitive esports players may prefer a more pared-down pad, but for RPG, RTS, or MMO fans who want to level up their immersion, the SteelSeries QcK Prism Cloth brings welcome flair.

Monoprice Dark Matter Arcade Fighting Stick

Christmas Gift Guide: Must-Have Gaming GearChristmas Gift Guide: Must-Have Gaming Gear

The Monoprice Dark Matter Arcade Fighting Stick is a solid budget pick for gamers looking to get that authentic arcade experience. With its sturdy build and responsive Sanwa joystick and buttons, it provides a quality feel reminiscent of arcade cabinets. For retro fans or fighting game newbies who want to dabble with a stick without a huge investment, the Dark Matter Arcade Fighting Stick hits a sweet spot. 

Connectivity across modern platforms is a major plus. Experienced players may want something more customizable for marathon gaming sessions, but casual users will appreciate the Dark Matter Arcade Fighting Stick’s quality at a reasonable $120 price point. For most, it should hold up well for occasional bouts of Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat without being overkill as many fight sticks can feel. The Monoprice Dark Matter Arcade Fighting Stick stands as a great value stick to introduce players to the arcade experience without overdoing it on cost or features.

Diablo: The Official Cookbook

Christmas Gift Guide: Must-Have Gaming GearChristmas Gift Guide: Must-Have Gaming Gear

Transport your tastebuds to the dark fantasy world of Sanctuary with Diablo: The Official Cookbook. This devilishly delicious compendium features over 60 recipes inspired by the hit-action RPG franchise. Whip up hearty stews, magical elixirs, and savoury skewers fit for slaying demons. Fans will delight in dishes named after iconic characters and locales, from Leah’s Elderberry Pie to Adria’s Potion of Rejuvenation. 

Foodies unfamiliar with the Diablo franchise games can still appreciate these creative takes on medieval cuisine. Gorgeous full-color photos capture each recipe’s eye-catching presentation. At $35, it makes a novel Christmas gift for gamers and fantasy food enthusiasts alike. While some dishes lean gimmicky, most deliver legitimately tasty fare. For armchair adventurers who want to feast like heroes between quests, this cookbook brings the rich flavours of Sanctuary to life right in your own kitchen.

Xbox Design Lab

Christmas Gift Guide: Must-Have Gaming GearChristmas Gift Guide: Must-Have Gaming Gear

Xbox Design Lab is a top-notch customization service for gamers seeking a personalized pro-level controller. With an intuitive online tool for selecting from a wide range of colour and engraving options, you can craft a gamepad that perfectly matches your style. The build quality of the resulting custom Xbox Wireless Controller feels just as premium as the standard edition. While the $10 upcharge may seem small, it delivers big on self-expression. 

Your engraved name and unique colour combo add a touch of flair without feeling gaudy. Unboxing a controller you designed for them yourself makes a great Christmas gift for gamers. Elite players can also customize the premium Elite Core controller. Xbox Design Lab is a must-try if you want your gear to reflect your identity. The process rewards your creativity with a high-end, one-of-a-kind Xbox Wireless Controller to call your own.

PDP Travel Case

Christmas Gift Guide: Must-Have Gaming GearChristmas Gift Guide: Must-Have Gaming Gear

The PDP Travel Cases are must-have accessories for any Nintendo Switch owner looking to take their console on the go. This rugged case comes decked out in several fandoms that any Nintendo fan is sure to love. The hard-shell EVA body and quality zipper provide ample protection for your Switch, while the quick-grip handle makes transporting a breeze. Though a shoulder strap would be a welcome addition, the case remains highly portable.

Beyond aesthetics, the Travel Case excels at storage with room for accessories, extra Joy-Cons, games, and more. While officially licensed merch tends to be hit or miss, PDP clearly put care into creating a functional and stylish case that properly represents the iconic electric mouse. If you are looking for a great Christmas gift for gamers or want to travel with your Switch in style, you can’t go wrong by gifting them this eye-catching and practical PDP case.

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flightstick

Christmas Gift Guide: Must-Have Gaming GearChristmas Gift Guide: Must-Have Gaming Gear

The VelocityOne Flightstick puts a budget-friendly spin on flight sim controls without sacrificing build quality. Its precise sensors, smooth throttle, and an array of programmable buttons capably handle navigation and systems management. An integrated screen keeps key data visible during flight. Adjustable resistance allows tuning the tension to match your preferences. Though the base could be heavier for stability on desks, its mount points make securing it easy and a must for serious simulation. 

While lacking a full HOTAS setup’s rudder pedals, at $130 it significantly undercuts high-end alternatives without giving up precision, versatility across flight games, or premium materials, perfect for a Christmas gift for the gamer in your life. For casual weekend pilots or those looking to upgrade from mouse and keyboard without breaking the bank, VelocityOne hits a sweet spot. Hardcore enthusiasts may still want more controls, customization, and force feedback. But for most, the Flightstick pulls off the essential flight sim experience at a price that won’t scare off newcomers, an impressive feat.

Christmas Gifts For Gamers: Gift Cards

For the gamer who seems to have it all, video game gift cards make a perfect gift. Whether they game on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or PC, gift cards let them choose new titles and downloadable content to continue their gaming adventures. With so many options, you can find the ideal gift card for any gamer’s preferred platform. Video game gift cards give the gift of choice, allowing gamers to select their next digital adventure.

Xbox $25 Gift Card

  • Get an Xbox gift card for games and entertainment on Xbox and Windows
  • Buy the latest games, map packs, movies, TV, music, apps and more*

Steam Gift Card – $50

  • Add money to your Steam Wallet and enjoy allof your favorite PC, Mac, and SteamOS games.
  • Instant Access to Thousands of Games

Monthly Subscriptions

If you’re looking for a few Christmas gifts for gamers, gifting them a monthly subscription for their platform of choice is always a welcome option. Nintendo has Nintendo Switch online, PlayStation has PlayStation Plus, and Xbox has Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. All give the gamers in your life the ability to game online and play a wide array of games for free, making a really versatile Christmas gift for gamers.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – 3 Month Membership – Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows [Digital Code]

  • XBOX GAME PASS ULTIMATE: Be the first to play Starfield and Forza Motorsport on day one so you never miss a thing and enjoy hundreds of high-quality games like Minecraft Legends and more with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.*
  • DAY ON RELEASES: Enjoy new games on day one from Bethesda Softworks as well as iconic franchises from Xbox Game Studios, indie games, blockbusters, and more. With games added all the time, there’s always something new to play.*

Gaming Consoles

And what is a gamer without their console? There are so many to choose from, be it handheld, disc-free or gaming beasts. Whether you are looking for Christmas gifts for gaming families, like a Nintendo Switch, something for the gamer on the road like the Steam Deck OLED, or something more dedicated like the Xbox Series X, there is a perfect console for your gamer friends and family. Not available on Amazon is the Steam Deck, which comes at 256 GB, 512 GB, and the new 1 TB OLED.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S 1TB Black

PlayStation 5


PlayStation 5 Console (PS5)

  • Model Number CFI-1215A01X.
  • Stunning Games – Marvel at incredible graphics and experience new PS5 features.

PlayStation 5 Slim Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Bundle

Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo Switch

Logitech G Cloud Handheld Console

PlayStation Portal

PlayStation Portal Remote Player – PlayStation 5

  • Put Your PS5 in the Palm of Your Hand – PlayStation Portal Remote Player gives you access to the games on your PS5 over your home Wi-Fi*, letting you jump right into gaming without needing to play on a TV.
  • Play Your Game Collection – PlayStation Portal Remote Player can play compatible games you have installed on your PS5 console, including your favorite games for PS5 and PS4.**

Nintendo Switch Lite

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