OnePlus 12 & OnePlus 12R Global Launch Date Confirmed In a Festive 10th Anniversary Video

In a new 10th anniversary video, OnePlus dropped the launch date of its upcoming OnePlus 12 flagship smartphone, as well as revealing other exciting developments.

In a video that reflects on the past 10 years of OnePlus, the company dived into what makes its brand so special while surrounded by founding members and friends. However, OnePlus also tore back the curtain on the launch date for its highly anticipated flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 12, during the festivities. That video can be seen below.

YouTube videoYouTube video

Founder of OnePlus, Pete Lau said “Even though so much has changed since our humble beginnings, just as much has stayed the same. Regardless of how the world has changed around us, our essence as OnePlus remains the same. As long as we hold on to our ‘Never Settle’ ethos, OnePlus will always stay true to its roots” in celebration of the company’s 10th anniversary, before the OnePlus 12 announcement.

President and COO of OnePlus, Kinder Liu echoed the founder’s sentiments with “Co-creation is an inseparable part of our DNA, and I hope that OnePlus will continue to push the boundaries of technology with tech enthusiasts everywhere for the next ten years and more to come” including emphasis on consumer feedback “every OnePlus product, and even the company itself, has been built hand in hand with our users” noting the importance of users in the creation of the OnePlus 12 series.

Oneplus 12 Launch Date Confirmed In A Festive 10Th Anniversary VideoOneplus 12 Launch Date Confirmed In A Festive 10Th Anniversary Video

Aside from the launch date, OnePlus also revealed that for the first time in the company’s history, they’re launching their R series of smartphones outside of India and China. The OnePlus 12R will also be launching alongside the next step in their flagship smartphone series, and consumers will not have to wait much longer for either device. Both the newest OnePlus 12 and 12R are set to be released at the OnePlus Smooth Beyond Belief Launch Event on January 23, 2024. Fans can mark their calendars, and head over to the official OnePlus site for further information before the launch event.

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