4 New Star Wars Television Seasons Are Coming in 2024

After Disney+ confirmed that two upcoming Star Wars premieres, The Acolyte and Skeleton Crew, would land in 2024, today, two other returning series have also been confirmed, bringing four new seasons to 2024.

Earlier in the month, Disney+ UK distributed a press release with programming plans moving into 2024 for the massive streaming service. Eagle-eyed fans will notice there are two upcoming Star Wars series premieres on the list, with The Acolyte and Jude Law’s Skeleton Crew set to land in 2024. Despite reports suggesting otherwise, it appears The Bad Batch’s third and final season, as well as Tales of the Jedi Season Two, are also arriving in 2024.

4 New Star Wars Television Seasons Are Coming In 2024 &Amp; 2 Of Them Are Premieres4 New Star Wars Television Seasons Are Coming In 2024 &Amp; 2 Of Them Are Premieres

Although we have confirmation that four new series are coming, and they are coming in 2024, the timeline isn’t concrete just yet. Disney+ has not given fans set-in-stone release dates or even release windows outside of ‘coming in 2024’. As of right now, there is still a lot of wiggle room for the upcoming release order, but there are still a few things to go off of. Head Writer of The Bad Batch, Jennifer Corbett, posted on X (formerly Twitter) that the crew working on The Bad Batch season three are wrapping the “final mix session,” so it seems the release for that season is on the horizon.

In the new press release, all four Star Wars series, The Bad Batch Season Three, The Acolyte Premiere, Tales of the Jedi Season Two, and Skeleton Crew‘s Premiere, are all set to launch in 2024. Fans may have noticed Andor Season Two was left off the list. It has been pushed out of 2024, and the second season will arrive sometime in 2025.

While Disney+ and Star Wars remain incredibly tight-lipped on release dates, fans can rest assured there will be no shortage of Star Wars content for this coming year, and at least one fan-favourite series will see support come 2025. Fans can head to the official Disney+ page to see more details on what else is coming to the service in 2024.

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