THE FINALS Hits 10 Million Players Post-Game Awards Launch & Holiday Cheer

The new free-to-play team shooter, THE FINALS, has broken the 10 million player milestone since its surprise launch back at The Game Awards 2023 celebration, and there’s a Holiday Event.

After launching a successful beta period from the end of October into November, THE FINALS surprise launched at the massive Game Awards 2023 celebration. Today, the developers over at Embark Studios are proud to announce that their multiplayer free-to-play shooter has reached 10 million players since its launch within a month of its launch. The online-only shooter has received a favourable 76% from critics over on Metacritic and a very close 74% from users making it a successful and acclaimed launch. Embark Studios has released an image to thank players that can be seen below.

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Executive Producer of THE FINALS, Rob Runesson said “We’re so humbled and excited by the response from the community so far – 10 million players this soon is something we never could have dreamed of,” with “We will continue to improve and add to the experience, and make sure we keep surprising our community for years to come,” regarding the positive reception the title has received so far.

It’s worth mentioning THE FINALS development has already kept its word on improvement, patch 1.4.0 went live on December 20, and has included a myriad of balancing changes and quality-of-life improvements for combatants for the Holidays. The post titled “Merry Patchmas” lists the many improvements development made including increases and decreases in weapon range, and as far as decreasing self-harm when explosives go off. A serious fine-tuning that can be read in full on the Steam Community page. The development team over at Embark Studios even threw together a small festive trailer to celebrate THE FINALS first holiday season.

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The first in-game event features festivities and combatants can stumble around in a snowy version of the map Monaco, get sweet FREE holiday-themed cosmetics, and cause general chaos during the world’s most destructive game show. Fans can check out all of the info and more over on THE FINALSofficial website, or better yet, in-game with the other 10 million players.

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