Three of the Biggest Esports Games Coming in 2024

2023 was filled with new releases, new games, and all-new updates to our favourite games — but next year will be bigger and better. Esports for this year has seen some of the biggest names in history make new editions of everyone’s most-played games that will be boosting tournaments and viewers for years to come. The sport has seen exponential growth this year, with 3.09 billion active gamers across the world. In just seven years, that figure has jumped by one billion – so game developers are working overtime to get new games out.

The industry is ever-evolving, and based on those statistics, it’s no surprise! You never know what’s coming next in this competitive industry, as it is constantly churning out varieties of games for all new niches — and we just can’t get enough.

We’ve curated a list of some top-tier esports game titles that could be exploding onto the scene for 2024. And, while we wait through the next few weeks to hear more about the long-awaited sequels of some of the best games, we’ve also found some new ones that will make a splash in the industry. Let’s get gaming!

1) Rainbow Six, 2024

How To Win At Rainbow Six Siege: 7 Multiplayer Tips And Tricks 2How To Win At Rainbow Six Siege: 7 Multiplayer Tips And Tricks 2

We all know and love Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, which is a tactical first-person shooter video game. Released in 2015, the game launched onto the esports scene with a bang, and this year, the BLAST R6 Major Atlanta 2023 tournament had a whopping prize pool of $750,000. With this amount, it shows the viewership is growing, so the game had to look at other options to push its popularity.

Welcome to Rainbow Six mobile. It is set to be a free-to-play mobile esports game that will join the $89.25 billion mobile gaming market in 2024. Using some of the key core playing aspects that Siege has, the mobile version is supposedly meant to be just as good. It was first announced in September 2022, and after playing with some beta versions, we’re eagerly waiting for the final release of this game so we, too, can have a go at this world-renowned release. To find out more about some of the newest esports games, you can visit the thunderpick blog section, which hosts new tournaments for many games, so all eyes are on which one they’ll grab first! 

2) Valorant, 2024

Valorant Mobile Beta Reportedly Starts Soon And New Tech Arrives To Combat Toxic Players 1Valorant Mobile Beta Reportedly Starts Soon And New Tech Arrives To Combat Toxic Players 1

Don’t hold your breath for a new release of this one, as its “apparent” release date is the end of 2024, but we all know that game release dates can change. But even so, Valorant on mobile? Sign us up! Currently being tested in regions across the globe, the mobile version of this game is set to have newer features than its non-mobile predecessor.

Valorant speaks volumes in the gaming world, with Riot Games being the creator of some of the best, so you can rest assured that this one will be a goodie. It’s currently Counter Strike 2’s brilliant competitor in terms of gameplay and tournaments, so we bet our bottom dollar that the esports potential for the mobile version will be just as good.

Coming just three years after the original video game Valorant, the game developers must have been working flat out! With prize pools for tournaments sitting at over $2 million a win, you’d be silly not to practice your shooting ability for next year’s games.

3) Call of Duty, 2024

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Iii (2023)Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Iii (2023)

We’ve taken a look at two mobile versions being created, but sometimes a new version of one of the greats is all it takes to keep us happy. Whispers on the street say that Call of Duty 2024 is coming in the fall, and we couldn’t be more excited! We have heard that although CoD 2023 was severely rushed and not as anticipated, the 2024 version has been in development for not one but four years! The franchise has been around for twenty years now, so this game has grown up with us gamers.

It is a first-person shooter game where you control your avatar (an infantry soldier) and use a variety of World War II firearms to defeat the other team. The realm of esports for CoD is on another level, too, so we can bet that 2024s edition will be great. Looking to join a CoD team? Get ready for a momentous win in spare change. The Call of Duty League Championship for 2020 had a prize pool of $4.4 million and currently sits at number 19 in the largest overall prize pool statistics for esports. Talk about a money-making machine! Get ready to polish your controllers and get practicing because these tournaments are only just getting started.

Who knows where we’ll be in 2025, but from what we can gather – it’s just going to keep getting better and better!

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