Monster Hunter Now Players Want an Event Feature In the Game Permanently

Monster Hunter Now’s New Year’s event has a nifty feature of boosting monster spawns, making it much easier for players to gather materials, especially for the harder-to-find ones.

The “A Happy Hunting New Year” event makes some of the rarest monsters in the game appear more often, including Zinogre, Pink Rathian, and Black Diablos. At the same time, the event has increased monster spawns across the board. Here’s what the official site says, “Between 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. (local time) every day from Saturday, December 23, 2023, until Monday, January 8, 2024, monsters in all habitats will reappear in shorter intervals and in higher numbers than usual.”

Many players have taken to places like Reddit to voice how much better the increased spawns make the game and how it’s pushing them to get outside and play the game more. Unfortunately, it is a time event that’s only scheduled to run until January 8, 2024.

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This has led to some hoping that developer Niantic might implement this kind of change permanently, as some have been worried about the health and longevity of Monster Hunter Now.

One player on Reddit suggests, “It’s great that they’re doing this. This should be the normal rate tbh. It’s the most active anyone’s been playing the game. Otherwise, it’s just dead. Hope these changes are made permanent or at least frequent enough. Maybe have spawn rates increased mwf or weekends.”

The amount of spawns has been a common complaint since Monster Hunter Now launched back in August and September. You can find Reddit threads as far back as four months ago criticizing changes Niantac made to spawn and drop rates.

At that time, one fan said, “Felt like it was boosted two updates ago, then Niantic realized ‘no, we can’t make the game fun’ and then they decided to make it worse.” At this point, enough fans are talking about the event changes that it’s likely we’ll see Niantic consider some permanent changes, at the very least.

You can see more about the New Year’s event on the official website. Monster Hunter Now is available on iOS and Android.

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