CES 2024 is Coming & This is How to Watch The Exciting Event

As the year closes out, it means one of the biggest Consumer Electronic Shows, CES 2024 is almost here and this is how fans can be a part of the action whether at home or in Las Vegas.

The beginning of the New Year is almost always shortly followed by one of the biggest technology events of the year, the Consumer Electronics Show. Since 1967, CES has been genuinely like a Summer Games Fest (but in the Winter) for technology, and to prepare fans for the exciting four-day event, we here at CGMagazine have all the details available for those interested in the annual event. CES usually shows off some truly awe-inspiring tech like CES 2022’s Razer ‘Project Sophia’ desk concept, or CES 2023’s Intel 24-core laptop processor improvements, so the sky’s the limit for CES 2024.

Ces 2024 Is Coming &Amp; This Is How To Watch The Exciting EventCes 2024 Is Coming &Amp; This Is How To Watch The Exciting Event

CES 2024 aims to bring the latest and greatest technology to the forefront of consumer minds, shaping the year by showing off what’s to come. For CES 2024, the masses can expect to see a wealth of content surrounding AI and implementation, with updated versions of everyone’s favourite tech. In 2023, CES introduced cars to the equation, and it’s safe to say this year, AI will likely be at the forefront of discussion.

CEO of the Consumer Technology Association, Gary Shapiro said “AI is almost like the internet; it’s a huge ingredient that’s not going away,” regarding the future and importance of AI, and it will be literally everywhere.

CES 2024 will kick off on January 9 and run until January 12. Fans who are planning to attend the event should familiarize themselves with the official CES 2024 schedule, as it will be returning to Las Vegas, Nevada in multiple hotels and locations. There’s also a handy CES App to help fans navigate the tech-savvy event.

Fans attending from their couch can head over to the official CES YouTube channel to watch all of the excitement. Fans not attending in person can also look forward to CGMagazine’s annual coverage of the event as it happens, stay tuned for serious tech updates.

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