Square Enix Has No Plans For Star Ocean 3 Remake, But Is Aware of Fan Demands

Kei Komaki, producer of Star Ocean The Second Story R, has said Square Enix currently has no plans for a remake of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, the third entry in the franchise.

The comment came from an interview conducted by the Japanese outlet Famitsu, and translated by Noisy Pixel. This doesn’t mean that it won’t ever happen, however, especially based on Komai’s overall response.

“The Star Ocean team started this project from the point of making all the games in the series playable on current platforms, so we are fulfilling that goal. Of course, we are aware of the expectations for a remake of Star Ocean 3, but we are in the process of further promoting [Second Story R], and at this stage, nothing has been decided on what to do next,” said Komaki.

“We want to think of something while we are receiving warm feedback from everyone, but we cannot give any answers at this time. I can’t make any promises, but I hope you will keep an eye on the Star Ocean series over the long term.”

Star Ocean The Second Story R released on November 2 and was immediately met with positive reception. This isn’t the first time the development team has expressed interest in continuing the series, as well.

YouTube videoYouTube video

In an October interview with Inverse, director Yuichiro Kitao expressed a similar interest, saying, “To preface, my response is a purely personal answer and doesn’t represent Square Enix as a company. But yes, I would like to see a new numbered title for the Star Ocean series, and I do want to see another remake as well.”

Those hopes for more remakes and games will likely hinge on the success of Second Story R, and at this point, we haven’t heard any sales numbers from Square Enix.

Star Ocean The Second Story R is available on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is available on PS4.

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