Fortnite Hotfix Kills Winterfest 2023 Items, Adds Back Others

Since the Holidays have now passed, Fortnite is looking ahead by vaulting some of the Winter items that were available to use during the event while also bringing back some fan-favourites to play with.

With Winterfest 2023 officially coming to a close today, Fortnite has scrubbed Battle Island of all the wintry items that were available to play with over the course of the event. But that’s not all the team at Epic Games had in mind, as they’ve also introduced some exciting returning items for combatants to make short work of their opponents.

Fortnite Hotfix Removes Winter Seasonal Items &Amp; Adds Back OthersFortnite Hotfix Removes Winter Seasonal Items &Amp; Adds Back Others

Considering all the records Fortnite broke due to the OG season, the developers may be making changes during the hotfix to keep things updated and fresh, and to keep the massive player numbers up after the holidays. The news comes from the official iFireMonkey X (formerly Twitter) account, and the changes can be seen below.

Fortnite Hotfix on January 2 Inclusions & Removals

Fortnite Hotfix Removes Winter Seasonal Items &Amp; Adds Back OthersFortnite Hotfix Removes Winter Seasonal Items &Amp; Adds Back Others

Fortnite Winterfest 2023 Items Removed

Not all items will simply be deactivated, some will go into the vault to be brought out only during another Fortnite event—perhaps Winterfest 2024—in the future.

  • Winter-themed POIs/Rifted POIs
  • Winterfest Quests + Winterfest Lobby Background
  • Rocket Ammo
  • Sgt. Winter Disabled
  • Krampus Disabled
  • Grappler Vaulted
  • Sneaky Snowmando Vaulted
  • Snowy Flopper Vaulted
  • Holiday Presents! Vaulted
  • Snowball Launcher Vaulted

Fornite Hotfix Items Enabled

  • Enforcer AR, all variants including the Legendary variant will be made available.
  • Flowberry Fizz makes a surprise return, and it can only be found in specific areas; from Floor Loot, Chests, Rifted POI Banners, Hot Spot Drones, and Supply Drops.
  • The Pre-Winterfest 2023 Lobby Background has been returned to the menu screen.
  • Week 5 Quests reimplemented after the removal of Winterfest 2023 quests.

While many of the hotfix items have already appeared on Battle Island, it remains to be seen if Fortnite will add more to the formula before the upcoming Chapter 5 Season 2 update, which is rumored to feature a Greek mythology theme. Fans won’t know until the next season launches on March 8, so fans can stay tuned to the official website until further (and official) announcements are made.

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