Steven Yuen Not Joining the Marvel’s Thunderbolts Film After All

Despite rumours appearing last November that had comic book creator Robert Kirkman say that Steven Yuen will be cast in Marvel’s Thunderbolts, today it has been confirmed he will not be in the film.

The upcoming Marvel’s Thunderbolts film is meant to be a Suicide Squad-esque group view into the MCU, with Florence Pugh, Sebastian Stan, David Harbour and Wyatt Russell thrown into the mix as members of the hero-laden squad. But last November, it was reported that Robert Kirkman — renowned comic book creator of The Walking Dead and Invincible — spilled the beans about Steven Yuen’s involvement in the project, reportedly being plugged to play the more niche hero, Sentry. Today, The Hollywood Reporter has squashed those claims, as it is now confirmed Steven Yuen will not be in the Marvel’s Thunderbolts film.

Steven Yuen Will Sadly Not Appear In Marvel'S ThunderboltsSteven Yuen Will Sadly Not Appear In Marvel'S Thunderbolts

Considering Steven Yuen voices the main protagonist, Mark Grayson/Invincible, in the Robert Kirkman Prime Video animated series, Invincible it would have been a no-brainer to get him back in a superhero outfit for the latest Marvel film. Yuen himself even joked about the involvement (according to Kirkman) and said that he should continue to be accustomed to superhero outfits based around yellow and blue colourways.

Like all other productions in Hollywood – especially Marvel-based ones like the new Daredevil series – Marvel’s Thunderbolts has been hit with major delays following the WGA SAG AFTRA strikes, so casting decisions may have been affected by the moves. Marvel’s Thunderbolts was originally slated for July 2024 and has yet to even begin filming.

Steven Yuen Will Not Star In Marvel'S ThunderboltsSteven Yuen Will Not Star In Marvel'S Thunderbolts

Steven Yuen has yet to comment on the news, but Marvel’s Thunderbolts continues to move full steam ahead with Jake Schreier directing the band of antiheroes and villains. As production continues on the finished Thunderbolts product, it’s anyone’s guess who will play Sentry in the movie.

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