Govee & Corsair Team-Up With Next-Gen Lighting

Govee is partnering with Corsair to bring all-new and enhanced lighting solutions to CES 2024.

What is better than one mega-innovative lighting specialist? Two lighting specialists! Govee is bringing a whole new arsenal of lighting solutions for consumers, debuting them at CES 2024. But that is not all. To bring these newly-designed and AI-enhanced lighting products to life, Govee has partnered with one of the best peripheral RGB innovators, Corsair.

CES is known for bringing the greatest technological minds together, so the Govee and Corsair collaboration makes so much sense. Govee’s smart lighting has been integrated into Corsair’s iCUE software ecosystem—many have used this software whenever they install their latest customizable peripherals from the company. This collab will allow users to fully control and synchronize the lighting effects of both Corsair RGB peripherals and Govee light bulbs and light strips. Also, they noted that gamers will be able to upgrade their setups with custom lighting, which syncs to in-game cues, CPU temperatures and notifications later in Q1.

Both partners are offering gamers and RGB fiends a new, dynamic lighting experience that goes beyond the PC setup and into the whole room. If you have seen some of the wild RGB setups of some people on TikTok, this new lighting team-up would be even more crazy!

Ces 2024: Govee &Amp; Corsair Team-Up With Next-Gen Lighting 2Ces 2024: Govee &Amp; Corsair Team-Up With Next-Gen Lighting 2

For those unacquainted with Govee, they have been evolving the smart lighting game with game-changing solutions and opportunities. Their smart lighting products range from gaming setups to living spaces and outdoor areas, highlighting the concept that “lights can be fun.” Evidently, they strive to bring the best and brightest lighting experiences to their consumers and hope to provide users with lights that can enrich their lifestyles.

CES 2024 attendees will be able to see Govee and Corsair’s hard work at the brand’s booth (#53632).

Govee products featured at CES 2024:

Govee Glide Wall lights

  • H6061 Govee Hexa Panel Light
  • H6067 Govee Triangle Panel Light
  • H6066 Govee Hexa Pro
  • H6065 Y Light
  • H6062 Govee Glide Wall Light
  • H606A Premium Wall Light

Table Lamp

Floor Lamp

  • H6072 Floor Lamp
  • H6076 Floor Lamp
  • H6079 Premium Floor Lamp

Wall Lamp

  • H6087 Wall Sconce Light
  • H6088 Premium Wall Sconce Light
  • H610A Wall Light Bar
  • H610B Music Light Bar

Neon Lights

  • H61A0 Govee RGBIC Neon Light, and the length range from 6.5ft to 32.8ft
  • H61A1
  • H61A2
  • H61A3
  • H61A5

Strip Lights

  • H61BA All of these are Govee RGBIC Strip Light, and the length range from 10ft to 65ft
  • H61BC
  • H61BE
  • H6608 PC Strip Light
  • H6609 PC Strip Light & Light bar
  • H619A
  • H619B
  • H619C
  • H619D
  • H619E
  • H619Z
  • H61E1(Matter Compatible)
  • H61E0(Matter Compatible)
Ces 2024: Govee &Amp; Corsair Team-Up With Next-Gen Lighting 3Ces 2024: Govee &Amp; Corsair Team-Up With Next-Gen Lighting 3

Table Lightbar

  • H6056 Light Bar
  • H6046 Light Bar
  • H6047 Gaming Light Bars

Gaming Lights

  • H61C2 Gaming Desk Light
  • H61C3 Gaming Desk Light
  • H61C5 Gaming Desk Light

Light Bulb

  • H6009 Govee 1200LM Light Bulb

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