Nanoleaf Skylight Smart Modular Ceiling Light Is Now Available For Pre-Order

At CES 2024, Nanoleaf has announced the launch of Skylight, the world’s first-ever smart modular ceiling light panels that feature full design customizations.

Skylight was first previewed at CES 2023 and was the recipient of 8 “Best of CES” awards for product design and innovation. Skylight “uniquely blends functional everyday lighting with creativity and personal expression.”

Skylight itself features a flush-mounted square design with dispersed multi-point lighting, ensuring that the light is evenly spread across the size of the square and creating a soft lighting environment that feels as natural as possible. You will be able to seamlessly adjust the colours and Scenes, such as ones called “Gentle Rain” or “Sun Shower,” to set your ideal ambiance for morning and evening routines in the bedroom or for times of focus in the home office.

Schedules allow the user to “wake up to a gentle sunrise Scene filled with soft oranges and pinks to help energize you in the mornings, and ease yourself to sleep as you lay under a glimmering star effect when winding down for the evening.” These schedules can also be used as an added form of home security when travelling or just away for the night, as they can be turned on and off at specific times.

Set up for the Nanoleaf Skylight is as simple as hard-wiring the first square and then adding up to 100 additional squares on the ceiling to create whatever kind of design you can think of, as the squares are modular and can be placed as you see fit. According to Nanoleaf, each square will emit 1400 lumens of light and carry a lifespan of 25,000 hours.

Skylight, which was built with all of Nanoleaf’s full suite of smart features (Rhythm Music Visualizer, Magic Scenes, RGBW colour options, etc.), can also be controlled with the Nanoleaf app via Wi-Fi, your existing smart home ecosystem (Google, Alexa, etc.) or with your traditional existing light switch on the wall.

Nanoleaf had other products to announce as well, with new products with Matter and Orchestrator on the way. Orchestrator is a brand-new software for music visualization that boasts real-time music analysis and beat detection. This is done by connecting directly to your computer’s sound source and isolating the response to your device to provide the most accurate real-time audio-visual experience.

The Matter ecosystem, on the other hand, will be featuring a new collection of three colour-changing addressable smart lights: a Smart Multicolour Lightstrip (indoor), Smart Multicolour Outdoor String Lights, and Smart Multicolour Permanent Outdoor Lights. These three products are Nanoleaf‘s first foray into the outdoor lighting market, and they hope to bring warm ambience and dynamic gradients to your home’s outdoor living spaces the whole year round.

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