Halo Season 2 Will Feature The Fall of Reach & a New Trailer Has Released

A new trailer has launched for the upcoming Paramount+ Halo Season Two, and fans of the titular video game will recognize the setting where Master Chief will face the Covenant, the planet Reach.

Paramount+ has taken the helmet off and revealed a trailer for the upcoming Halo season two, and it features one of the most iconic locations in the series lore, the planet Reach. In the video game canon, The Fall of Reach is considered one of the biggest confrontations, with the biggest stakes, between the Covenant and Humans (there was a whole spin-off title, Halo: Reach, dedicated to it). Taking place right after the events of season one, the trailer has surely captured those stakes, and it can be seen below.

YouTube videoYouTube video

There are a lot of moving pieces in the season two trailer, and it’s readily apparent we will see more of John-117/Master Chief helmetless throughout the length of the season, Pablo Schreiber is back in the role as Halo‘s face, and he’s seen fighting numerous Covenant Elites equipped with energy swords throughout the trailer. It’s worth mentioning that the Halo Paramount+ series is known for taking extended liberties with the sci-fi franchise it is based on, so the chances of seeing the Fall of Reach through the lens of Noble Team might be a pipe dream.

Halo Season 2 Will Feature The Fall Of Reach &Amp; A New Trailer Has ReleasedHalo Season 2 Will Feature The Fall Of Reach &Amp; A New Trailer Has Released

The trailer’s description also makes a mention of the season’s biggest draw “With the galaxy on the brink, John embarks on a journey to find the key to humankind’s salvation, or its extinction: the Halo.” Fans will get to see the live-action version of the weapon this season, but there are no indications on whether it will fire or not. Seeing as how the Forerunners used the weapon to annihilate most of the life in the galaxy (in Halo lore), chances are we won’t see the weapon in action this season.

Halo season two premieres its first two episodes on February 8, exclusively on Paramount+.

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