Fan-Favourite Horror Game Martha Is Dead Is Receiving a Film Adaptation

Indie horror title Martha Is Dead received a positive fan response when it was released in February 2022, and today it was announced that Martha is returning, but this time to theatres.

In a surprising move, Italian game studio LKA, British publisher Wired Productions, and Swedish film production company Studios Extraordinaires have teamed up to bring audiences around the world a film adaptation of the psychological thriller Martha Is Dead. The title has received a mostly positive reception from fans, with a 71% user score on Metacritic. Praised for its ability to blend reality and superstition with the tragedy of war to create a gripping mystery, Martha Is Dead is now getting one step closer to realism as it’s coming to theatres.

Fan-Favourite Horror Game Martha Is Dead Is Receiving A Film AdaptationFan-Favourite Horror Game Martha Is Dead Is Receiving A Film Adaptation

Founder and director of LKA & writer and designer of Martha Is Dead, Luca Dalcò says: “Every element of Martha Is Dead was created with extraordinary precision and care. The complexity of the narrative has been meticulously planned, visualized and even designed with a cinematic quality in mind,” with “Bringing this to life as a movie is a dream come true” regarding the announcement of the film.

Managing Director of Wired Productions, Leo Zullo also commented on the adaptation saying “We’re thrilled to join forces with Studios Extraordinaires to create a landmark cinematic experience, merging the artistry of gaming and filmmaking in an unprecedented way.”  André Hedetoft and Andreas Troedsson at Studios Extraordinaires (and also co-directors of the adaptation) echo the excitement of the film with “Martha Is Dead is a narrative masterpiece, expertly weaving a spellbinding murder mystery from a young woman’s perspective in a way that’s never been done before.” All-in-all, all three studios collaborating to make the film adaptation are pumped to get the film rolling.

Aside from co-directorial duties being named, nothing else has been revealed regarding the film adaptation of Martha Is Dead yet, so fans should stay tuned for further information. The full Wired Productions announcement can be found here for those who want the full picture.

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