RØDE Revolutionizes Content Creation with Sleek Dual Wireless ME Microphone

Australian audio innovator RØDE has unveiled an exciting new addition to their popular Wireless ME microphone system, a dual transmitter version available in sleek black and crisp white colorways.

Hot on the heels of their white RØDE product collection launch earlier this year, this new dual Wireless ME setup arms creators with expanded flexibility to record high-quality audio from multiple sources. The original Wireless ME took the content creation world by storm in 2023 as an intuitive and affordable wireless mic perfect for interviews, voiceovers, and elevating production value. Its plug-and-play functionality, auto gain control, and built-in receiver mic for simultaneous dual recordings made audio capture easier than ever.

Now with two transmitters in the mix, plus the option to use the receiver unit’s microphone as well, creatives can capture audio from up to three separate sources without cables getting in the way. This opens up new creative possibilities for collaborations, multi-cam shoots, and maximizing interviews. Wedding videographers will enjoy discreetly miking up without the stress of complex and bulky gear. Podcast hosts can seamlessly integrate remote guests. Even reviewers and unboxers can record their own narration alongside product audio, making production easier than ever.

The white colorway also enables the mics to blend seamlessly into light costuming — an elegant option for an array of filming scenarios. Continuing to push the boundaries of innovation and accessibility in the audio space, RØDE’s dual Wireless ME launch enables creators at all levels to take their productions to the next level. The dual Wireless ME packs will be available in Spring 2024, retailing for $199 USD. Content creators, ready your rigs!

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