Harmonix Says Goodbye to Rock Band DLC After 8 Years

After eight consecutive years of weekly releases, Harmonix has pulled back the curtain on Rock Band 4 DLC, with 25 January being the last day for a new DLC release for the title.

Today, the official Harmonix blog announced the end of the Rock Band 4 DLC cycle, which has been maintained for the last decade. The announcement is both a celebration of the perseverance it takes to maintain a new DLC every week and the nearly 3000 songs added to the catalogue over the eight years of DLC releases. You can read the announcement below.

Project Leader on Rock Band Daniel Sussman says, “Over the years, we’ve cleared, authored, and released nearly 3,000 songs as DLC and well over 3,000 if you include all the game soundtracks. That’s wild. Many of you reading this own a good chunk of this content and we remain committed to protecting that investment” detailing the fact that all customers of all previous Harmonix songs will be able to play them for as long as they like.

Harmonix Is Stopping Rock Band Dlc After 8 YearsHarmonix Is Stopping Rock Band Dlc After 8 Years

The blog post also shows where Harmonix will be directing its focus as it shifts from Rock Band. The recently announced rhythm game inside Fortnite, the Fortnite Festival, is what Harmonix will be working on for the near future, and it remains free along with Fortnite and Rocket Racing inside of the Fortnite app.

Fortnite Festival features a rotating list of songs that can be played for free at any time. A guitar-shaped controller is even on the way to coincide with the Fortnite Festival, and it will likely work for previous guitar-based rhythm games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

While Rock Band 4 DLC is coming to a close, fans can rest assured their libraries will be safe, Harmonix has promised: “All other live services will continue as normal, including Rivals seasons, online play, and everything else.” The full statement can be read here.

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