Special Program Version 4.4 & New Leaks

Genshin Impact has officially pulled back the curtain on tomorrow’s Special Programme version 4.4, and there have been a few leaks about what to expect.

The Genshin Impact: Special Program Version 4.4 has been announced for tomorrow, and the live-stream event is set to let Travelers know what’s to come in the latest update before the update itself goes into effect. The announcement came from the official Genshin Impact X (formerly Twitter) account, and it can be seen below.

Following this announcement, a new leak has surfaced regarding what we can expect from Genshin Impact in the future. Found by GameRant, according to a Reddit post, a Spiral Abyss buff will arrive in either the next update 4.4 or 4.5. Following this, the leak claims that Genshin Impact will begin to offer character birthday banners, allowing travellers to schedule summoning periods to obtain their favourites.

The next update in the special programme, version 4.4, will release new content, including a limited-time event banner featuring Xianyun, the human form of the Cloud Keeper, a new upgrade material called Clearwater Jade, a new area called Chenyu Vale, and a Lantern Rite Festival (introduced in version 1.3), Liyue’s defining annual event, which is said to give travellers a free four-star character. If Genshin Impact follows its usual release schedule, version 4.4 should be released about two weeks after the special programme ends.

How To Watch The Genshin Impact: Special Program Version 4.4 &Amp; New Leak InfoHow To Watch The Genshin Impact: Special Program Version 4.4 &Amp; New Leak Info

The Special Program Version 4.4 will air on January 19 at 7:00 a.m. EST, so fans who want to catch the live stream as it airs will have to wake up early. The live stream will also be giving away in-game goodies and codes to redeem so fans won’t want to miss it, and it can be watched over on the official Genshin Impact Twitch channel.

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