Avowed Showcased at Developer Direct, Giving Look Systems and Fall Release Date

Avowed, the highly anticipated fantasy RPG from acclaimed studio Obsidian Entertainment finally got a substantial new look and some key details during today’s Xbox Developer Direct presentation. I’ve been following Avowed closely since its initial teaser trailer in 2020, and this is by far the most we’ve seen of the gameplay and world.

Set to launch this fall on Xbox Series X/S and PC, Avowed aims to deliver an immersive first-person open-world adventure with Obsidian’s signature focus on choice and consequence. The new footage showcases the game’s unique blend of magic and technology, with the player wielding pistols and rifles alongside mystical wands and staves. Dual-wielding spells look to be a particularly cool option.

Avowed Showcased At Developer Direct, Giving Look Systems And Fall Release DateAvowed Showcased At Developer Direct, Giving Look Systems And Fall Release Date

Obsidian emphasized the ability to customize your loadout to suit different situations and enemies. You can quickly hot-swap between setups oriented around melee combat, ranged weapons, or offensive and defensive magic. This should allow for adaptable approaches to the various enemy types, like tanky frontline warriors, supporting healers, or glass cannon damage dealers.

The world itself is called the Living Lands, described as a strange and wondrous place filled with secrets. We got a taste of some of its biomes, including lush forests, active volcanoes, and barren wastelands. Avowed seems to be focused more on large, open sections rather than one contiguous open world.

YouTube videoYouTube video

I’m thrilled by what I’ve seen so far. The fusion of magic and gunplay looks incredibly fun, while the emphasis on choice harkens back to classics like Fallout New Vegas. Avowed has shaped up to be one of my most anticipated games of the year, and I eagerly await more details on the story, characters, and quests as we approach its fall launch.

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