Skull & Bones Is Finally Releasing A Beta This Week, Here’s How To Join

After many years of development and delays, the finish line for fans of Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones is on the horizon and for the anticipated pirate simulator, Ubisoft has announced a beta before launch.

It has finally happened. Skull & Bones will be officially playable this month, and Ubisoft will treat fans who have been waiting all this time (and newcomers) to an open beta on their open seas before the February 16th launch day. The beta (and entire title preload) launches today Feb 8, and fans won’t have to do much work to get their sails prepped for pillaging. The preload link along with the beta announcement comes straight from Ubisoft themselves through X (formerly Twitter), and that post can be seen below.

Ubisoft has gone the extra mile by including an official image of when the beta starts in each region with a map that can be seen below. Skull & Bones has had an incredibly rough development history with numerous delays, development postponements, and sporadic communication with fans, but Ubisoft’s continued persistence has finally given way to the finish line.

How to Join the Skull & Bones Open Beta

Skull &Amp; Bones Is Finally Releasing A Beta This Week, Here'S How To JoinSkull &Amp; Bones Is Finally Releasing A Beta This Week, Here'S How To Join

Seeing as how the beta is now live, fans merely have to use the platform of their choice (Xbox Series S/X, PS5, or PC) and head over to the market page for Skull & Bones. On PC, fans can head over to the Epic Games Store to get into the beta or go through the Ubisoft Store itself. It’s worth mentioning ALL progress from the beta will carry over to the full game, so fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

For consoles, it’s a little more straightforward to jump in. Just head to the product page on either PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series S/X, and hit free (on Xbox) to download, or (in PS5’s case) it will download automatically. Aspiring sailors should be warned the download will absorb approximately ~40-50GB in space, so fans should keep that in mind before downloading. The beta is free and will run until February 11.

Skull & Bones launches globally on February 16, and fans who opt for the premium edition will be able to set sail on the full title on February 13.

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