GTA 6 Won’t Release Before April 2025, According to Take-Two Earnings Guidance

According to Wedbush Securities’ Nick McKay and Michael Pachter, Grant Theft Auto 6 is unlikely to be released before April 2025, based on Take-Two’s own latest earning guidance.

Last night, Take-Two revised its guidance for the April – March 2025 FY25 period, and those changes suggest that we won’t see GTA 6′s launch anywhere during that time.

Gta 6 Won'T Release Before April 2025, According To Take-Two Earnings GuidanceGta 6 Won'T Release Before April 2025, According To Take-Two Earnings Guidance

In a note titled “$7 Billion Means No GTA in FY:25.” McKay and Pachter wrote,

“We can only surmise that GTA VI has slipped out of FY:25, in-line with our earlier expectation. Management had said that next year’s bookings number will be just over $7 billion, a far cry from its initial comments of $8 billion in May, and its first revision of just under $8 billion in November?

“The drop makes us almost certain that GTA VI will not be releasing next FY. With that said, we have no reason to believe the game has slipped out of calendar 2025, but it is reasonable to assume that it will launch later in the year.”

During Take-Two’s earnings call the company said that Rockstar Games is “seeking perfections” with GTA 6, and the final game won’t release until the team is absolutely satisfied with the product.

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Interestingly, in an investor Q&A Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot also said that GTA 6’s release date will likely come after April 2025.

“We look at this and we are really organizing things around the launch of that game, which we do not know exactly when it is going to happen,” said Guillemot. “We consider it will be closer to our financial year ’26 than our financial year ’25. But what we’ve seen is that generally it’s actually positive for the market, and we did a good launch with the launch of GTA 5 first launch and GTA 5 online game, each time we were able to generate really good revenue and profit on the games we launched.”

Rockstar Games released the first trailer for GTA 6 in December 2023 but didn’t provide a release window outside of a vague “2025.”

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